The basics

Getting it write provides all the basic services required to make sure you get it right every time.

  • content writing, editing or translation of online and offline marketing material
  • reports and proposals: compiling and correction
  • customised E-mail and letter templates
  • newsletter writing or editing
  • proofreading of online media presence (e.g. LinkedIn profile)

I am happy to consider both small and larger projects. I can work with original text in either Danish or English, or I can do the writing for you from scratch. You can send work to me by email or we can meet in person to discuss your project.

The process

With any project it is important to be clear from the outset what is required, within a specific time frame and budget. I agree this with you up front and commit to completing the work for you by an agreed deadline. If the work is going to take longer than expected, then I will discuss this with you in good time.

The cost

I charge an hourly rate based on an estimated time to complete the work.


To discuss your requirements please email me initially and we can arrange a time to meet or call. You are welcome to email me in Danish or English, as you prefer.
+45 50 50 42 71



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