Aarhus Festival: Can international humour contribute to conflict resolution?

There is so much to choose from each year at the Aarhus Festival, but this year one particular event has got my attention.  The International Humour Festival on Thursday 5 September at Godsbanen.  The festival will  explore how cross-cultural humour can be used to manage conflicts and create tolerance, while at the same time has the potential to contribute to misunderstanding and conflict.  The festival consists of two parts:

3 p.m.  Speed Talks  “Humour across cultures and conflicts”
A series of entertaining talks (almost TED Talk style) by scholars and comedians exploring the influences of comedy, culture and conflict. (Entrance Fee)

8 p.m. Comedy Show “Humour without borders”
An evening of entertainment from six international comedians from Germany, Denmark, Egypt, Burkina and Faso (Tickets 150 DKK  – purchased at http://bit.ly/humorshow )

Both events will be hosted and conducted in English. More details available here.

Communicate Better: the philosophy behind the festival
The International Humour Festival has emerged from the work of Kommunikerbeder which consists of “a journalist, a communications man and a comedian” who regularly use humour as part of their communications work. They have developed a course on humour and communication and see the value of humour in helping people to learn, winning people over and in making management and working environments more enjoyable.  However we have all told the wrong joke at the wrong time, and humour is not without its pitfalls. Their course provides tools and techniques for using humour effectively.  

Hope to see you Thursday!
In Northern Ireland we like to laugh and are often not afraid to laugh at ourselves, however it is our conflict that we are better known for!  So let’s hope the International Humour Festival will provide both entertaining and thought provoking insight into the value of humour in cross-cultural conflicts.


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