Internationals in Aarhus: a new way of bridging the gap with the Danish labour market

The Bridge Project
Expats in Denmark doing it for themselves

Having attended all the seminars on “Life/work in Denmark”, taken Danish classes and joined a club what is still missing from the equation to ensure that Internationals in Aarhus gain access to the Danish labour market? The Bridge Project, launched next month, may help to identify new solutions.

For those who have come to live in Aarhus in the past few years there are some well known resources available to “help” internationals to navigate their way in Danish society, and particular attention has been given to those internationals who come to Denmark as a result of their partner’s or spouses’s job.  WorkinDenmark, International Community, ExpatinDenmark and the Aarhus University International Club all contribute in some way to helping partners and spouses to adjust to Danish life and offer valuable resources for getting started and meeting others in a similar situation.

However as expats we come in many shapes and sizes with different financial circumstances, different family situations and different languages to contend with. There is not really a “one size fits all” in terms of experiences and solutions. That can be frustrating, but it can also make life more interesting in terms of trying to come up with innovative solutions ourselves.

THE BRIDGE PROJECTExpats in Denmark doing it for themselves

Tom Griffiths, an expat and advocate for English speaking internationals in Aarhus, runs his own coaching consultancy, Change Coach DK. He believes that as “expats we need to start doing things for ourselves – expats helping expats, internationals working together to ensure the best possible experience and fulfilling working lives.” As a result Change Coach DK is launching The Bridge Project, in September, with the aim of enabling non-employed expats to start taking the initiative themselves.

Tom’s vision is for expats in Aarhus and the surrounding areas to start to find their own way and create their own solutions. “The project is a response to the sheer waste that seems to occur when highly skilled and experienced expatriate professionals either cannot gain access to the labour market, or can only do so in positions which do not benefit from their competencies”.

The Bridge Project is not offering an “off the shelf package” but the chance to participate in a development process which could make all the difference to your working life in Aarhus.

Full details are available at The Bridge Project.


One thought on “Internationals in Aarhus: a new way of bridging the gap with the Danish labour market

  1. Leila Trapp

    I had a look at the project’s website the other day – l was really impressed with Tom’s approach. Also, just from looking at the size of the MeetUp’s international group (1000+!), it seems like there is a lot going on in terms of how international Aarhus is becoming, with a wide range of challenges that need to be addressed, I’m sure. Will follow with interest…


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