Combining British humour with networking success

If you dread networking events and are never sure how to make the most of them, then Chris Barrat from Manchester is someone you need to hear. He visited Aarhus this month, and will be here again in April.

Chris was the key speaker at an event I attended this week run by the British Chamber of Commerce in Denmark, Expat in Denmark and the International Community“Creating value through internal and external networks”.

On an evening when blizzard conditions were forecast, I must say staying at home seemed more appealing than networking! So I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be well worth braving the cold.

With a healthy dose of British humour, Chris addressed everything from how to approach people at a networking event, how to follow up and how not to appear too desperate!  His style had us both laughing and learning and by the end of the evening he had almost convinced us that networking could become something to look forward to, rather than to dread! All in all it was a really informative, relaxed and inspiring event, with lots of very practical tips and techniques.

If you didn’t make it this week Chris Barrat will be speaking again in Aarhus on 17 April 2013. See full details here.

Let’s hope there will more events like this to come for Danish businesses and internationals living and working in Aarhus.


3 thoughts on “Combining British humour with networking success

    1. Rachael Sterrett Post author

      A very practical tip was to always wear your name badge on your right lapel to make it easier for people to see your name when they shake hands, and make you more rememberable to them!


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