Volunteer for Tall Ships Races 2013

The Tall Ships Races is being hosted by Aarhus for the second time from 4-7 July 2013. 3000-4000 young sailors from 30 different countries will participate, and hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected. The Tall Ships event is renowned for fostering international communication and relations amongst young people and the cities which host the races. The organisation of the event is now well underway and is in the process of recruiting 250 volunteers from Aarhus.


For an international living in Aarhus this sounds like a great event to get involved in. English is desirable for volunteers given that so many nationalities will be present at the event and some general information about the event is available in English. Most of the information regarding volunteering is currently in Danish, so I thought it might be helpful to summarise the key areas that require volunteers. More detailed information of specific tasks is available in Danish.

  • Servicing the press and media centre
  • Team leader for a group of volunteers
  • Cleanup/general cleaning
  • Administration
  • Backstage helpers
  • Organizing activities for audience/children
  • Parkings stewards
  • General Information
  • Building Event areas (craftsmen)

How to Apply

To apply there is a fairly straightforward application form to complete, specifying the areas you would like to work in and the time you are able to commit to.  More information and training will be provided in April.

TSRmærke (2)Mads Elbrønd is responsible for recruiting volunteers and is more than happy for you to contact him in English or Danish for more information:                                                                          madse@aarhus.dk    T:  89 40 22 11    M:  61 79 16 47 

See you there! 

I have applied to work with the press and media centre and as general information provider – so maybe see you there!


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