International Aarhus 2013

aarhussm.jpgInternationalisation seems to be the buzz word that is kick starting 2013 for businesses and entrepreneurs in Denmark, with a number of events coming up in the next couple of weeks. An internationalisation workshop by Denmark’s Innovation Network; BRIC Conference focusing on design and communication for international marketing and export to Brazil, Russia, India and China; Export to Asia masterclasses and Understanding the German market.

These events all focus on specific international markets for Danish companies to target. This is the traditional approach to internationalisation, where businesses become increasingly involved in international markets.

However in Aarhus the year seems to be starting with a slightly different flavour and focus: internationalisation is coming to Aarhus.  Inspire Action Aarhus are hosting their first event this month, developed by a creative partnership of business leaders who are seeking to inspire new intercultural ways of working. A new employment programme is being launched which assists highly qualified internationals to engage with the Danish labour market. In addition several major international events will be hosted by Aarhus in the summer of 2013: The Tall Ships Race and Sculpture by the Sea. Looking ahead, Aarhus will be European Capital of Culture in 2017, with planning beginning this year in earnest.

The question is, is Aarhus ready to embrace all of the internationalisation that is coming its way?

Many internationals and businesses will engage creatively with the challenges which internationalisation brings them this year. Getting it write will feature some of them here along the way………..